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  • Size100 * 240 * 217 mm
  • Weight3 kg


  • South Korea South Korea
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Various protection/communication network, Compact design, Easy to operate 




Digital protective relay with the function of protection, monitoring, analyzing, communication and user interface.

Fault recording
  • Setting relay elements and analyzing fault records are convenient.
  • Event records : saving max. 32events
  • Fault records : recording the quantity of electricity and the relay elements activated at the moment of fault
  • Wave records : recording 30Cycle, 32Sample/Cycle with DIO operation status
PC Manager is easy to analyze variout faults.
  • CU Type : 50/51, 50N/51N, 46
  • CR Type : 50/51, 50N/51N, 46, 79
  • VO Type : 27, 59, 47P, 64
  • NZ Type : 67N, 67G, 64








PT: 110V(Max. 0.5VA) GPT: 190, 190/ 3V 


CT: 1A, 5A(Max. 10VA), ZCT: 1.5mA 


 Control Voltage

AC/DC 110/220V(Max. 30W) 

 Digital Input

Digital Input, AC/DC 110V 

 For power

AC250V 16A/ DC30V 16A, Resistive Load 

 For alarm

AC250V 5A/ DC30V 5A, Resistive Load 

 Insulation Resistance

Over DC 500V

 Insulation Voltage

AC 2kV (1kV)/for 1 min 

 Impulse Voltage

AC 5kV (3kV)

 Overload withstand

 2 In for 3 hours, 20 In for 2 seconds

 Fast Transient Disturbance

Power Input 4kV, Other Input 2kV

 Electrostatic Discharge

Air 8kV, Contact 6kV 

 Operation/Storage temperature

 -10℃ ~55℃ (14℉ ~131℉)/-25℃ ~70℃ (-13℉ ~158℉)


 30% ~ 80%


 1000m and below, Non-impact place Non-air pollution place


 IEC 60255, KEMC 1120


 3 kg



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