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  • MaterialIED
  • Weight7 kg


  • South Korea South Korea
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X GIPAM is next generation intelligent device having IEC 61850, setting group, power quality, arc protection and function for control and protection, monitoring that make possible to construct power protection and monitoring system

  • 8.4″inches of large color Touch screen
    • Convenient operation by 8.4″large color Touch screen
    • Intuitive display of various diagrams, pictures, charts
    • Available to control and operate on screen by graphic user interface
  • Language selection and User selective menu
    • Language selecting on X-GIPAM screen menu(Korean/English)
    • Customizing frequent monitoring 3 menu
  • H/W, S/W flexibility
    • Reliability Improvement by Independent module structure
    • Expandable DI/DO boards (DI:40, DO:40 points) / AI/AO boards (AI:12, AO:8 channels)
    • Easy configuration and installation of switchgear by detachable HMI option
  • IEC 61850 communication
    • Providing high-speed and two-way communication based on Ethernet
    • Realization of wireless interlock by supplying GOOSE function
    • Supporting all defined in IEC 61859 Standards (Report, Dataset, Control)
    • Available to establish connection of communication system with different IEDs
Hardware & software Flexibility
  • X-GIPAM manager with advanced function
    • Available to set various menu through PC manager (relay elements, CB, CT/PT ratio, etc.)
    • Setting and editing Digital or analogue I/O points
  • Mimic Diagram function
    • Convenient monitoring by graphic mimic diagram of power system on HMI
  • Dual Communication System
    • Supporting Independent dual communication system due to built-in dual ports
    • Possible to communicate with multi-SCADA system without port switching
  • Various measurements and monitoring functions
    • 0.2% of Voltage and Current Measuring accuracy
    • Recording peak/demand value of current and power
    • Available to wave-capture for input voltage and current

Intelligent Device
  • Input/Output points monitoring and control function
    • Monitoring AI/AO variation rate through VOC(Value of Change) function
    • Multi SW control(6 switching devices) through Power output.
  • Advanced PQ(Power Quality) measurement
    • Analysis/Measurement of Sag, Swell, Interruption
    • Offering analyze of harmonics(up to 63rd levels)(1~63 Harmonics and THD, TDD, K-factor)
    • 0.2% of measurement accuracy for Current and Voltage and 0.5% for Power, Energy, etc.
  • Group setting function
    • Available to configure up to 4 setting groups for each relay element
    • Automatically recognizing any change of the status in power system.
  • Supervision of CB Capacity Limit
    • Calculation of thermal energy through accumulating value of breaking current and operating times
    • Realizing prevention of break failure through advanced monitoring system 


Type of Protection 







 OCR(50/51), OCGR(50/51N), UVR(27), OVR(59), SGR(67G), DGR(67N), OVGR(64I/D), NSOVR(47N), POR(47),
SYNC Check(25), Reclosing(79), Temperature(38)




 OCR(50/51), OCGR(50/51N), UVR(27), OVR(59), SGR(67G), DGR(67N), OVGR(64I/D), NSOVR(47N), POR(47),
SYNC Check(25), Reclosing(79), Temperature(38), DOCR(67I/D), NSOCR(46I/D), UFR(81U), OFR(81O), DPR(32P), DQR(32Q)



 OCR(50/51), OCGR(50/51N), UVR(27), OVR(59), SGR(67G), DGR(67N), OVGR(64I/D), NSOVR(47N), POR(47), Temperature(38),
Stall/Locked Rotor(48/51LR), THR(49), DOCR(67I/D), UCR(37), NCH(66), NSOCR(46I/D),



 OCR(50/51)×2, OCGR(50/51N), UVR(27), OVR(59), Temperature(38), DPR(32P), DFR(87T)




OCR(50/51), OCGR(50/51N), UVR(27), OVR(59), DPR(32P), UPR(37P), DQR(32Q), UFR(81U), OFR(81O), DGR(67N),SYNC Check(25), DOCR(67I/D), NSOCR(46I/D), POR(47), NSOVR(47N), ROCOF(81R), SGR(67G), OVGR(64I/D)







Wiring  3P3W, 3P4W
InputFrequency  60Hz (50Hz'')
Voltage  PT: 100/ √3, 110/ √3, 120/ √3, 190/ √3, 100, 110, 120V
  GPT: 190, 190/ √3 V
Current  CT: 5A, ZCT: 1.5mA
Power consumption  Normal: Max. 30W, Operating: Max. 70W
Control voltage  AC/DC 110/125V (±20%)
Burden  PT: Max. 0.5VA, Max. 1.0VA
Output contactTRIPRated  AC 250V 10A / DC 30V 10A, Resistive Load
Open  AC 2500VA, DC 300W
ALARMRated  AC 250V 5A / DC 30V 5A, Resistive Load
Open  AC 1250VA, DC 150W
Insulation Resistance  Over DC 500V
Dielectric strength  AC 2kV(1kV) / for 1 min
Output contact2TRIP2  3 In for 3 hours, 20 In for 2 seconde
Z1  1.15Vn for 3 hours
Fast Transient Disturbance  Power Input 4kV, Other Input 2kV
Electrostatic Discharge(ESD)  Air 8kV, Contact 6kV
Operation temperature  -10℃ ~ 55℃
Storage temperature  -25℃ ~ 70℃
Humidity  30% ~ 80%
Others  Non-impact place, Non-air pollution place
Weight  7 kg (HMI: 2kg)
Standard  IEC 60255-22-1: 1MHz Burst disturbance tests
  IEC 60255-22-2: Electrostatic discharge tests
  IEC 60255-22-3: Radiated radio frequency electromagnetic field
  IEC 60255-22-4: Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test
  IEC 60255-22-5: Surge immunity test
  IEC 60255-22-6: Immunity to conducted disturbances induced by radio frequency fields
  IEC 60255-22-7: Power frequency immunity test
  IEC 60255-11: Interruptions to and alternating component (ripple) in d.c. auxiliary quantity of measuring relay
  IEC 60255-25: Electromagnetic emission tests for measuring relays and protection equipment
  KEMC 1120



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